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17 million clicks and 3.5 million likes later, AppAction launches out of beta

The Scoop

We drove 17 million clicks from Facebook and Twitter into the Instagram app over a 2 month period. Here’s what we learned and how we increased engagement and new followers by more than 20% for our customers.

By The numbers

  • 1,800 accounts
  • 30,000 links shared
  • 18 Million Clicks
  • 3.5 Million Likes from the clicks
  • 450,000 Comments from the clicks

How we did it - focus on solving these 5 problems

  1. “I want to know how I did yesterday.” - Daily Email
  2. “Sharing Instagram photos to Twitter is super broken. No image shows up.” - Custom Deep Links that show the photo.
  3. “Posting to Facebook does nothing for my Instagram account.” - Custom deep links that open inside Instagram app.
  4. “I need to easily understand which posts are great and why.” - Dashboard analytics comparing every post to your most recent 20 posts.
  5. “I don’t remember to share my deep links to Facebook and Twitter.” - feature that automatically posts the deep link to Facebook and Twitter.

What we learned

Autoposting works for some people.

We are excited to have over 1,000 accounts signed up to automatically share every post to Facebook and Twitter. But only half of our users prefer this. We talked with many of the people who didn’t sign up to autopost and learned that while Instagram was their top priority, they still wanted to only share select photos to Facebook and Twitter. In the future, we will explore more ways to make this easier for the 50% who don’t choose to autopost.

Daily Emails Rock

Over 75% of you check your AppAction email every day to see your growth. We are excited to improve these emails and start celebrating major milestones with you along the way.

Facebook engagement down 1%, Twitter engagement goes up!

When reviewing the 30,000 shares, we found that the impact on Facebook engagement was down 1% on average. On Twitter, it actually increased. We were concerned that using these links to drive people out of Facebook and Twitter would have a significant impact on engagement in those platforms. We were stunned to see the increase on Twitter, but we believe it comes from the rich format that AppAction deep links provide (with a photo).

About AppAction

We help brands, businesses and individuals activate their core audience and increase their Instgram presence with better sharing and analytics. We are former Facebook and Instagram team members, building tools for you at AppAction.