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All the ways people can discover you on Instagram

The Scoop

Here’s a breakdown of all the ways people can find you on Instagram. We expect that ranking changes are going to impact these dramatically.


  • 25 tags is the limit per post. Some new accounts with low followers are using all 25.
  • Most people don’t use more than 10 tags as it can erode value and feel spammy.
  • Tips on how to make it less spammy: put your top two hashtags in your post caption. Then, comment on your own post with any additional hashtags.
  • Search has been dramatically updated and there are over 150 million searches per day on Instagram. If you gain a follower who has a high follower count, it increases your “search reach” on Instagram. The search results are heavily influenced by “accounts in common.”
  • Username and name, both show up in search results. Make sure you have a name and that it adds informative value to your profile.


  • Just like the search ranking update, the explore tab shows trending posts based on geography and posts liked by people who you follow.

Accounts you should follow

  • For new users, Instagram suggests accounts you should follow.
  • This is largely based on people followed by the few users that new user follows.


  • Amazing comments on other posts seem to have a limited effect when it comes to others finding you.
  • Other people mentioning you in their caption can be an incredible source of growth.

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