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What Instagram feed ranking means for marketers

The Scoop

This week, Instagram announced that they are beginning to test ranking in their main feed. Any communication of this magnitude means that the key product metrics internally already look favorable and that we can expect this change to stay. The impact on marketers is huge and here’s how we plan to work with teams at ESPN, Vans, Virgin and more to rock the ranking.

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Slack Integration

Rolling out today, you can now receive a notification on Slack when your Instagram post gets shared to Facebook or Twitter via AppAction. We are really excited about this development; many of our users have been asking to know when their posts go live.

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All the ways people can discover you on Instagram

The Scoop

Here’s a breakdown of all the ways people can find you on Instagram. We expect that ranking changes are going to impact these dramatically.


  • 25 tags is the limit per post. Some new accounts with low followers are using all 25.
  • Most people don’t use more than 10 tags as it can erode value and feel spammy.
  • Tips on how to make it less spammy: put your top two hashtags in your post caption. Then, comment on your own post with any additional hashtags.
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How the Product Hunt community drove 1 million clicks to Instagram

The Scoop

Focusing on conversations with everyone who comes across your app pays huge dividends during launch.

##Launch Day 1 On December 2nd, we launched AppAction.io on Product Hunt. It was a pretty average Wednesday and we were buried in the upcoming section of the site. It seemed like no matter how many upvotes we could muster, playing in tier 2 was going to be how it played out.

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Top 10 lessons learned while rebuilding Instagram Search

The Scoop

Here are some simple tips to make a better search experience on mobile.

Search Top 10

  1. The best way to make search feel fast is to already have the answers on the phone. (local caching)
  2. The second best way to make search feel fast is to set results for a given query, say “lad” and results in the same response from the server for most likely next letters, like “lady” “ladd”
  3. Don’t overcomplicate your definition of a search session. See how others have done it.
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